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Theme Park Supplier's News of the Week #12 Bolliger Mabillard, MAURER Rides, ETF Ride Systems, Lo-...
Theme Park Supplier's News of the Week #12
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Record anniversary edition for Euro Attractions Show More than 8,500 attendees on a record exhibit floor
Record anniversary edition for Euro Attractions Show
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EAS 2013 NewsParcs will do a full coverage of the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013 in Orlando to have a look at the latest trends and developments of the global theme park industry.

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Record anniversary edition for the Euro Attractions

Show in Paris

Update : 02/10/13 - 15h18 Published by François Mayné the 29 September 2013, Feature.
Bienvenue à Paris! Enthusiasm was reigning among the aisles of the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris last week, while the Euro Attractions Show was celebrating its tenth anniversary in the City of Light.

After its successful stint in Berlin last year, the European office of IAAPA had high expectations for this year's edition, aiming for record exhibit space, exhibitor number and attendance. And the bet was won, as preliminary statistics show that more than 8,500 attendees registered including more of 5,900 qualified buyers while 393 companies exhibiting made the trip to Paris. In total, the show saw a 5% increase in overall attendance, a 10% increase in exhibit space and 26 additional exhibitors compared to prior year.

Another record edition for the Euro Attractions ShowAfter the many meetings we had with exhibitors, it emerges that they met more of non-Europeans attendees than in previous years. A positive sign which shows that EAS is now resounding far beyond the borders of Europe. Moreover, Paris seemed to be a good location appealing to a large number of foreigner attendees, especially for those coming from Asia.

Commenting this trend, Will Morey, CEO of Morey's Piers and current IAAPA Chairman of the Board, stated: “We are really pleased, the Euro Attractions Show is becoming a great expo! The sponsors of the show are delighted and encouraged by the traffic they had at their booths and the qualified buyers that they have seen. I think that Paris is probably a big part of bringing these international attendees. Europe has such a deep tradition in this industry that I think its a place that people from around the world are interested in visiting as well. When you look at all the side trips, parks and places where folks can go, its makes this very appealing.

Karen Staley, Vice-President of IAAPA Europe, also commented: “Being in Paris created a strong attendance from international buyers which we believe improves the overall feel and experience at the show. We know that our attendees prefer a centrally located facility and the Porte de Versailles delivered the right location!

See also : read more exhibitor feedback on our EAS 2013: Exhibitor's Quotes

More than 8500 attendees have registered to the trade show. A ribbon-cutting act marked the kick-off of the show.IAAPA President Paul Noland at the Opening Ceremony.Introductory words by the current IAAPA Chairman of the Board Will Morey.The conference programme was a success with more than 1500 attendees.Future IAAPA Chairman of the Board Mario Mamon talking at the Young Professionals Forum.EAS 2013 has welcome record attendance, exhibitor number and total exhibit space.EAS 2013 has welcome record attendance, exhibitor number and total exhibit space.

Following a first successful trial last year, IAAPA invited once again interested attendees to attend the Opening Ceremony during which Paul Noland (IAAPA Chairman), Will Morey and Karen Staley said a few introductory words before a video of the 2013 novelties in theme parks throughout Europe was projected in front of an attentive audience. After a musical interlude presented by Fort Fun, some members of the IAAPA Board of Directors and IAAPA European Advisory committee went on stage to kick off the trade show with a ribbon-cutting act.

Attendees' feedback

Hundreds of representatives of European theme parks and attractions came to Paris Expo exhibition center to have a look at what's new on the market, meet their current or potential suppliers, discuss upcoming projects, move forward in business or simply chat with their colleagues from around the world. Those we met during the week were very satisfied, like for example Andreas Andersen, the President and CEO of the Liseberg Group, who said: “EAS has grown into being the primary meeting place for the attractions industry in Europe. The show gets better and better every year, and I must say that the show in Paris was the best one I have attended. Great collection of exhibitors and excellent seminar programme.”

EAS 2013 has welcome record attendance, exhibitor number and total exhibit space."As Germany’s largest theme park, we attend EAS every year, just like the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando," said Michael Mack, managing partner at Europa-Park Resort. "There are the most important exhibitors of our industry and it is a good opportunity to meet colleagues and friends, talk about trends and get an idea of what the other parks are planning. Also, for our production company MACK Rides, it is a way to present our products and meet customers. We also took the opportunity to be in Paris to organize a press conference about our upcoming new family attraction which is based on a popular French IP of Arthur and the Invisibles."

Sandra Picard, Communication Director of Compagnie des Alpes, said: "We are in an industry in which innovation and renewal of the offering is a key driver of success. An innovation is the encounter of two unlikely ideas, that's why you need to see what happens in the market, talk to people and be inspired with all that information. Sharing ideas within an industry is extremely rewarding and can't be overlooked. That's why we always send a delegation representing all of our parks to the Euro Attractions Show."

"The Euro Attractions Show is an unmissable event for us. This is the opportunity to meet many players in the entertainment industry, share experiences and learn what's new. Moreover, attending this event can steer us to some strategic choices for Plopsa parks, allow us to find solutions to some problems or just be a source of inspiration," said Steve Van den Kerkhof, CEO of Plopsa Group

"As we are a park exclusively based on shows, we do not visit the EAS annually cause we alternate with other trade shows specialized in the performing arts," explained Laurent Albert, General Manager of Puy du Fou. "However, we have three good reasons to come regularly. First because it is an opportunity for our teams to discover the new products offered by our suppliers and their competitors. Then, because this is an opportunity to talk with many of our colleagues from other parks and attractions. And finally because EAS is an opportunity for us to promote our business of Puy du Fou International. We thus wear two hats, one as an operator and the second as a designer of shows."

Successful special events

The Opening Reception was, for sure, one of the most popular of the decade. About 1,200 guests challenged the Parisian traffic jams to join the hidden gem that is the Musée des Arts Forains, a place little-known by the public which presents dozens of old fairground games and attractions saved and restored from the 1900's. The evening was entertaining, attendees having fun with the games and carousels while enjoying delicious French food. "This year's opening reception is something which we're gonna be talking about for the next decade!" said John Wood, CEO of Sally Corporation. "It was extraordinary, it was spectacular, it was perfect for this association and for its members, both for the manufacturers point of view and for the operators point of view. It was our history and we didn't even know it existed."

The Opening Reception held at Musée des Arts Forains was a huge success for all attendees.Shawn McRoy, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Jack Rouse Associates, commented: "It was overall just a fantastic experience! I have had the fortune to visit places and attractions all over the world, and Musée des Arts Forains is easily one of my top few that I have been to. Not only because of the amazing collection that is there, but the way it is presented in such an art form manner. Their crew couldn't be more accommodating and nicer! Everybody that I talked to felt the same way, and these are people from the Universal Studios or Disney which have seen everything and done everything and they were just blown away so... it was amazing!"

"I have attended some EAS opening receptions in the past, but none was like the one of this year. This place is so related to the history of our industry, it was incredible! I hope to visit this museum more longer by myself one day. And the food was just perfect!" also said Marco Mazzuchi, Marketing Manager of Zamperla. “The evening at Musée des Arts Forains was probably one of the best networking events I have attended in my career,” commented Andreas Andersen of the Liseberg Group. “Social events were very good, the opening reception was the best I ever been to any IAAPA shows anywhere in the world for sure,“ added Steve Drake, COO Europe and Asia for Lo-Q.

The programme of conferences set up by IAAPA Europe's education committee was once again very popular, the different sessions presented during the week having attracted more than 1,500 persons, a 25% increased compared to EAS 2012. Among the main topics discussed included the social medias, the high-tech products or the development of lodgings, not to mention a very instructive presentation about storytelling as well as the 'CEO Talk' debate with Bart de Boer (Efteling), Miikka Seppala (Särkänniemi), Amanda Thompson (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) and Nicolas de Villiers (Puy du Fou).

See alsofull photo album of EAS 2013

Disneyland Paris CEO Philippe Gas presented a keynote at the Leadership Breakfast.All the major French amusement parks were involved in the official schedule of EAS 2013, offering to the attendees networking opportunities and tours of their facilities. Disneyland Paris welcomed, on its own, most of the special events including the IAAPA Institute for Attractions Manager and the IAAPA Safety Institute while its CEO Phillipe Gas presented an interesting keynote about the company's history during the Leadership Breakfast in front of 190 worldwide industry leaders. "It was important for us to be part of the Euro Attractions Show as we are an active member of IAAPA and a leader of the theme park industry in Europe,” said Joe Schott, Chief Operating Officer of Disneyland Paris. “That means talking about safety and accessibility but also telling our story, because the adaptation of the Disney product to France was really a journey in itself. We can relate to a lot of people within the industry, in a way that they do things."

During the preparations of the trade show, IAAPA Europe received support from SNELAC, the leading trade union for the attractions industry in France, which made the link between them and the French industry. "We were for instance involved in the organization and coordination of the safety conference held at Disneyland Paris on September 17," said Sophie Huberson, Executive Director of SNELAC. "We relayed the information in our network of professionals and we invited speakers from various ministries, including those of the Ministry of the Interior involved in the approval committee of rides inspectors, representatives of AFNOR and safety monitoring agencies. We also requested and obtained a statement of the Minister of Tourism Sylvia Pinel through a video."

In total, about 300 industry professionals attended the several guided tours at Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix, Puy du Fou, Futuroscope and Les Machines de l'Ile. “We were very happy and proud to welcome a delegation of about fifty professionals coming from a dozen countries, including Mario Mamon who will be inducted Chairman of the Board of IAAPA in November. We believe that the group was delighted to visit Puy du Fou as part of the EAS Past Tour!” said Laurent Albert of Puy du Fou.

See you in Amsterdam!

EAS 2014 will be held in Amsterdam at the RAI exhibition center.Euro Attractions Show 2014 will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from September 23 to 25 at the RAI exhibition center. This is the second time the show will visit this city after a successful edition in 2009. “In its effort to develop a strong rotational schedule in Europe, IAAPA is now going back to some main central tier one locations such as Amsterdam where the Benelux attractions industry is strong and where EAS was a success the last time. More than 230 companies have already reserved their booths in excess of 7.800 square meter of exhibit space,” said Karen Staley.

But before that, the amusement park professionals will gather in Orlando, USA for the annual convention of IAAPA Attractions Expo, the premier global event for the attractions industry. More than 25,000 attendees and 1,100 exhibiting companies from over 100 countries are expected by the trade association at the Orange County Convention Center from November 18 to 22.

NewsParcs will be present throughout the event to have a look at all the latest industry trends and recent developments. Companies willing to meet us are invited to contact our editor François Mayné (contact@newsparcs.com) to schedule a meeting. Stay connected for more details about the event in our future updates.

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